Timing for New Bayfront Park Pushed Back

As we first revealed early last year:

“San Francisco’s future 5.5-acre Bayfront Park, which will be bounded by a realigned Terry A. Francois Boulevard and the San Francisco Bay, between 16th Street and Nelson Rising Lane, across from the Warriors’ future Chase Center arena in Mission Bay, has been newly rendered and detailed.

Bayfront Park Rendering - Shoreline Path

As conceptualized by Surfacedesign, the proposed park includes a 16-foot-wide shoreline path connecting San Francisco’s Blue Greenway; an 18,000 square foot plaza at the terminus of 16th Street, with built-in picnic facilities; 60,000 square feet of landscaping and lawn (the Bayfront Green); a pathway providing an east west connection from the shoreline to Terry Francois Boulevard; a series of shoreline lookouts, terraces and seating areas along the bay’s edge; a shade pavilion at the southern end of the Green constructed from reclaimed Bay Bridge steel; and a pad for a new 7,500-square-foot restaurant, with public bathrooms and an 8,500-square-foot of outdoor dining area, to be developed by the Port.”

While construction of the park was expected to break ground this year, the RFP for the $8 million project was just issued by the Mission Bay Development Group and bids aren’t due until the middle of next month.

As such, we’re pushing the projected opening date for Bayfront Park, which is expected to take around 13 months to complete, from the third quarter of 2019 to the first or second quarter of 2020. And once again, that’s not including the park’s future restaurant and restrooms which are expected to take an additional year, at least, to be built.

credit: socketsite