San Francisco’s new $2.2 billion transit center is officially open to the public

San Francisco's highly-anticipated Salesforce Transit Center and the new park located on its roof are officially open to the public.

Located in a colossal white building that snakes its way through the city's downtown South of Market district, the transit project was almost two decades in the making and was designed as a much-needed improvement to San Francisco's notoriously clogged transportation systems. Routes on eleven bus lines stop at the transit center. In the future, so too will Caltrain, the Bay Area's commuter-rail services, and California's High Speed Rail, which will run between there and Los Angeles.

The center's urban design has drawn comparisons to New York's new Oculus transit station, while its rooftop park has been likened to The High Line in New York, a park that's located on a former elevated rail line. But its new nickname harkens back further into Gotham's history.

The center has been dubbed the "Grand Central Station of the West." It's an apt moniker, given the building's scale and $2.2 billion budget.

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