San Francisco Riots: 2012 Giants Win World Series

The San Francisco Giants just swept the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series, and, in true baseball fan fashion, the streets of San Fran are becoming a stomping ground for drunken fans. The San Francisco riot so far includes the typical type of actions we have come to expect from excited and drunk sports fans. At least one fire has been lit, several cars were mobbed (but not destroyed) in the streets with little care for the safety of those inside, and at least some fans are acting like complete buffoons.

Police scanner traffic is lighting up with suggestions that the crowds on the streets are “mostly” peaceful, although raucous. Even “mostly peaceful” is better than the last World Series win for the San Fran based MLB team.

You may recall that, back in 2010 after the Giants won baseball’s championship, fans began with “joyful mayhem,” which ultimately turned into full-on riots in the streets. In 2010, people were attacked in their cars, apparently for not also running around in the streets to participate in the San Francisco riots.

Back in 2010, fans were treated to a back and forth game, which likely stoked their desire to celebrate; this time around, fans in San Francisco came up with an easy 4 games and out sweep against the Tigers.

This story is still developing, but hopefully not too much for the sake of innocent bystanders and drivers who are just trying to make it home.

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