City Bracing for Lawsuit over Adoption of Its Central Soma Plan

While San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have upheld Planning’s certification of the City’s framework to mitigate the projected environmental impacts of its ambitious Central SoMa Plan, it has yet to formally adopt said Plan, the vote for which was anticipated to occur last month.

If adopted by the Board, the Central SoMa Plan, which has been in the works since 2010 and could clear the way for the development of nearly 9,000 more homes and office space for over 30,000 employees, would then head to the Mayor for her signature.

And as we’ve noted from the start, “if signed by the Mayor, the City’s Central SoMa Plan would go into effect 30 days later, assuming no additional legal challenges are filed.”

Next week, San Francisco’s Land Use and Transportation Committee will meet behind closed doors with the City Attorney, “regarding anticipated litigation in which the City would be a defendant,” litigation which is specifically related to the adoption of the City’s Central South of Market Area Plan.