52 Concept Proposals for San Francisco’s Historic Piers

The Port of San Francisco received 52 responses to their request for concept proposals from developers and tenants interested in redeveloping thirteen of San Francisco’s historic piers (which stretch from Pier 35 to Pier 48) along with the Agriculture Building adjacent to San Francisco’s Ferry Building.

The 52 proposals, which range from a network of sports and entertainment facilities and workspaces for artists, to tech incubators and innovation space, hovercraft facilities, hotel developments (which are currently prohibited on the piers), berths for super yachts and a Gateway to the San Francisco Dream. And then there’s Kenwood Investments’ generic proposal for “public oriented uses that are able to generate sufficient economic return to construct our project, provide a market return to our investors, and return a fair and balanced rent to the Port.”

Based on a review and culling of the concepts, a targeted Request for Proposal(s) is expected to be issued by the Port for one or more of the piers in early 2019. And once again, with all of the historic structures in need of some serious rehabilitation and investment, responses at the RFP stage will need to be financially feasible (which bodes well for Kenwood).

credit: socketsite