Which Tech Companies to Visit This Friday for OpenCoSF?

Hotshot tech companies with offices located in San Francisco will be opening their doors to the general public this Friday by participating in OpenCoSF, which is one part conference and one part festival. Tech companies like Airbnb, Google, Zynga and Twitter will be hosting open houses for residents, entrepreneurs and anyone who's interested in getting to know the companies who are hosting. In a piece published by the Chronicle, John Batelle, owner of BattelleMedia said:

Federated Media Publishing is one of over 70 companies participating in this Friday's OpenCoSF event/photo courtesy of Clint Bagley

"Everybody who lives in San Francisco, works in San Francisco or spends a fair amount of time here is well aware there's a burgeoning innovation economy that is gathering a pretty significant head of steam," Battelle said. "I think there's a curiosity as to: what's that all about, who are these people, what are their ideas and what does it look and feel like? This is a really good way to answer those questions."

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