Plan to Fix Sinking SF Tower About to Be Tested

Plans to permanently right the sinking Millennium Tower by retrofitting the building’s foundation with a series of new compression micropiles which would be drilled down to the bedrock below are about to be tested.

As proposed, three test micropiles will be drilled and filled down to a depth of up to 300 feet on the western sidewalk of Beale Street, adjacent to ‘The Residences’ portion of the Millennium Tower development at 301 Mission Street.

The test pile program is expected to be finished by the end of July. And if successful, the tested micropile design, or one that is similar, will be used to retrofit and stabilize Millennium Tower against continued settlement, according to the team involved.

But once again, exactly who is going to be on the hook for covering the cost of any fix and damages could take nearly a decade to resolve, with the Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) now named in nearly a dozen lawsuits related to the sinking Tower at 301 Mission Street which is adjacent to San Francisco’s new Transbay/Salesforce Transit Center.

credit: socketsite