Color Factory extends SF run, ticket demand crashes site

[Update: After Color Factory proved to be an overwhelming success—tickets were nearly impossible to come by—the city’s most Instagrammable spot will continue its run.

Tickets went on sale today. However, demand was so high that the Eventbrite page selling tickets crashed. Per Color Factory: “We're SO SORRY! We're feeling blue. The Eventbrite site crashed! We're hoping they get it back up shortly. There are still tickets available. Please hold tight. We will be sending an email and announcing on social once new tickets are back up!”

Such demand can mean only one thing: Color is back. You hear that, antiseptic home renovations? Taste the rainbow.]

After unleashing a flood of tints and hues at a press preview on Friday, Color Factory, an interactive exhibition celebrating color and material, made a splash all over design-obsessed IG accounts.

From the outside, Color Factory looks like an ode to Fruit Stripe Gum. Which, in and of itself, it a beautiful thing to behold.

But once inside, a feast for the retina awaits. From a sun-kissed yellow ball pit and rainbow staircase to a vivid 10,000-ribbon grid and pastel-tinted windows, this pop-up event is a must for anyone looking to travel inside a rainbow while bumping up social media engagement.

Expect to see images of this space take over your Instagram for the next few weeks. Color Factory runs until August 31, open every day except Wednesday, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets are $32 and available at